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Travel Folio Kit & Class

I mentioned in last Wednesdays class that whilst I'm away at the end of August I'm going to be missing two Wednesday classes - but I have a plan!

Introducing the Travel Folio - we will be making this over the two weeks I'm AWOL and although Mark will pop in to say hi these will be pre recorded classes. But it gets better - there's a kit if you'd like it!

Kits consists of

Four sheets of Vicki Boutin Where To Next 12x12 papers

Full Where to Next Ephemera pack

Black cardstock

White cardstock (in lieu of photos)

Maker Mark words

£22.99 plus shipping. However you might like to add a set of my stamps to your kit as I've used them quite a lot, special price of £15 instead of £16.99

Check out my video overview

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