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Graphic 45 Tag Book

You know how I keep saying it’s the patterned paper that counts when it comes to minibook making – that all mini albums can be used for all purposes but it's the patterned paper that sets the theme? Well – I hope I can prove it to you with these two little projects. Identical in every way except the decoration.


I never make any secret of the fact Graphic 45 is my go to for mini book making and I’ve chosen two really different collections – Magic of Oz and Voyage Beneath the Sea to show you this very thing.


The minibook itself is a very quick and simple make – perfect for beginners – I will take you through how to make the book structure through to how to get the best out of your papers and tips and tricks for decorating and layering. You can find the whole video class here. Written resources list and cutting guide here 


As you may know, I was very proud to be a brand ambassador for Graphic 45 in 2022/23, so I thought a home for all my G45 makes would be perfect for the site. 

Find all my G45 Brand Ambassador makes, tutorials and the products you'll need to make them yourself right here. 

Read about the rest of the amazing team here .

Graphic 45 Cottage Life Mini Album

I love every G45 collection but there’s something about Cottage Life that reminds me of my grandmother Lily to whom I was very close. The gentle colours and the images of the cottage and its garden just take me right back to a very happy childhood. She crocheted and baked and tended to her garden and my home is now filled with the lace she made for edging bedsheets and towels – my whole guest bedroom is a homage to Lily with bits of her furniture and photos on the wall. I love the feeling of nostalgia and security and I get that same feeling every time I look at Cottage Life. You will see some photos of her and my grandfather Jack in my minibook.

Find the full Graphic 45 tutorial here and the video here

#G45Summer Wall Art

Have you joined in the #G45Summer hashtag over on the G45 Community Page? Every month there is an opportunity to win G45 goodies by showing your makes on the hashtag theme for that month and in July the theme is Summers (right up my street with a name like mine!)

For my Summer project I used Catch of the Day to make a wall hanging - now proudly displayed on my craft room wall! You can find all the step by step instructions on the Graphic 45 blog here  and an overview video here 

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.

#G45leveledup - Twas the Night

My task this month was #G45leveledup - that is to take a previous monthly kit and do something different with it. I chose an amazing make using Couture and the pre made TriFold Waterfall Folio by G45 - I used the DeLuxe collection of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

What I did was a bit scary but I'm happy to report it turned out exactly how I hoped - and you can follow along too. Find my instructions on the blog here or a YouTube video here

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.


This project has gone straight into my favourites - I hope you love it as much as I do! My challenge was to use as much of a collection as possible and I think I fulfilled that brief LOL - I used the 12x12 collection pack, patterns and solids, 8x8 pad, chipboards, roses, journaling cards and die cut ephemera - but it was so worth it.

The project is twelve mini folios in a box with a light up lid (thanks Mark for your help!) there is a full cutting guide here and an almost three hour video tutorial here. On the blog with the cutting guide you will also find lots of useful inspiration photos too.

Imagine using other papers for this project too - and what you could add to the light up tray, baby keepsakes? Wedding memorabilia? The possibilities are endless!

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.

#G45feature - Warm Wishes
 #G45homedecor - Mon Amour Wreath

Such a quick and easy make!


A paper wreath that you could literally use ANY papers for - imagine one for each season, or for a child's room. And what's even more fun - it lights up with a cold LED battery powered set of lights that pose no danger at all to your home.

If you would like to find out how I made this project and what I used please check out the Graphic 45 blog here I used the Deluxe Collectors edition of Mon Amour which was just perfect for Valentines Day. This is a big project though so do make sure you have plenty of space to create and display it!

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.

 #G45leveledup - Alice Tag Book

Did you know there’s an amazing resource on the G45 Blog? Past classes for all the kit clubs that are available for anyone to use?


For the levelled up project I chose to level up the Kaleidoscope Staggered Tag Watercolor Album by Annette Green which you can find here

I've used Alices Tea Party for my project, its one of my all time favourite Graphic 45 collections - and you can see how I did it here on the Graphic 45 blog.

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.

 #G45tag - Come One Come All

I’ve used Come One Come All to make a shaker tag. Not that you can see a lot of the shaker on the finished article but I do know it’s there! Why don’t you make it along with me? You can find my tutorial here with step by step photos and instructions and a full resources list.


I love making tags, they are always a good option for finishing off scraps of paper collections you might have left and I've used this gorgeous collection for a couple of minibooks already - a little goes a long way!

Don't forget if you have a go at my project yourself to show us your makes on the Community page.

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