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Paper Scissors Storytellers

I can imagine you think we've forgotten all about the call for a team of wonderful people to help with making book samples and suchlike. We really haven't.

It's been a majorly tough job deciding who to have on the team. Ellie was overwhelmed with more applications than we could have ever have hoped for and as you all know I'm 100% wuss I've had to hand over to her to make the decisions.

One decision I have made though is a name for the team. I didn't want to use Design Team or Brand Ambassadors. Those are great names but not "us". So we have the Paper Scissors Storytellers because that's what the books are about isn't it - telling our stories.

Ellie will be in touch with everyone over the next 24 hours and very soon we will introduce everyone to you.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. You know darned well I would have had you all if I could. You are fabulous.

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