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49 & Market Minibook Class

Do you remember a while ago I was really excited because I'd met Janene and Katie from 49 and Market at Creativation? And they had gifted me some of the beautiful new Spectrum Gardenia papers? Well unfortunately it's taken a bit longer than I had hoped but I have a minibook for you!

This was SO much fun to make. Because this is going to be a one off class which you can find here I've felt like there's been no limitations on what I can do so I've just pulled my sewing machine out and made a book the way I would make it if it no one was ever going to see it but me. And I'm so pleased with it. You can see an overview here. The structure itself is very simple but the reason it looks so involved is because of the papers. It's another rare example where the designs just make it impossible not to make something spectacular because everything fits together so perfectly. And there is so much choice in terms of embellishments.

So take a look at my overview video - sadly the recording does not do the vibrancy of the papers justice. But I do hope you like it.

Finally- you will be glad to hear the sewing is purely decorative, no need to worry about not having a machine if you haven't got one!

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