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Well, it's that time of year again - avid scrapbookers across the world trying to decide if they should do their one a day diary entries to remember the run up to Christmas.


Here are my thoughts...


I have tried to do this every year for the last few and two things have struck me


1. I never finish them

2. My entries are remarkably similar one day and one year to the next. Here's my branded coffee in the cute Christmas cup - today I went to work.




This year, to save me from tears I'm going to scrap something special... (yes I know I can't sing).


This year I am going to challenge myself every day with something Christmas related but not a "Today I went shopping for Christmas presents" post (which are great - so long as you actually have a life)


Fancy joining me? Just for fun I have a little Facebook group called Cal's Christmas Countdown In it I am going to post the challenges I set myself and what I do with them - in return all I ask is that you share your pages and layouts - I don't mind which style or version you go for - just inspire me.



And will I finish this year? Who knows - come along and find out! But here's some photos from last years UFP to tide us over...

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