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Paper Scissors Sail!

Today's been a day all about looking forward to 2024. I promised you exciting things and then there's this. Something even better than exciting. It's the excitingest thing since the start of exciting things!!!!!

Join Mark and I next July (yes sorry - we have to wait a year but that will just add to the excitement) for a trip to the Norwegian Fjords on the Royal Caribbean International Anthem of the Seas. Seven nights with two sea days sailing from Southampton.

And what will we be doing on the sea days? Well - surprisingly - making a mini!!! Who'd have guessed?? So - join us for Paper Scissors Sail (or to quote my friend Vicky - Flips Flaps Fjords)

Thank you to Cruise & Crop for making this possible. Take a look here for more info

So much more to tell you but let's just let this sink in! Actually that's probably an unfortunate turn of phrase.

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