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Maker Mark & International Shipping

You know what - it's good news for a change!

90% of the Maker Mark orders are on their way with just the newest ones being finished off for despatch early next week if we don't get them out tomorrow. Huge batch including international orders went out this week which leads me onto my next part-

Royal Mail have resumed international shipping after the January cyber attack so any smaller international packages are now on their way amd I've learnt a new shipping system as we've had to input each package online instead of letting the post office do it for us. I have a new respect for my post lady!!if you want to read more about what happened try here

So its all good - my list of items to ship looks much more reasonable and I've even managed to get a couple of sale parcels from last weekend out too. International and final UK invoices out today or tomorrow- it's been a mammoth task and I can't thank you enough for all your purchases!

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