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Paper, Scissors, Story

Have you always wanted to make a mini book but don't know where to start? I teach free to take part minibook making classes every Wednesday at 7.30pm UK time and often in other groups as well. Most classes have optional to buy kits too so you can make the same book as me. 

We will also be offering minibook Structure kits where each kit comes in a choice of black or white bases but DOES NOT include any pattered papers or embellishments unless otherwise stated. This is so you can use the book for any occasion you wish and completely personalise it.


Join my Facebook Paper Scissors Story group where you will get first access to tutorials and make-alongs with me - or take a look in the shop for full kits. Please contact me if you would like more information or visit the shop to purchase your kit either as a digital download  (tutorial only) or kit (physical). 

Why don't you have a go at making a book right now? Try out this 7 x 8 inch mini - great for beginners. I have used the beautiful Bird Song papers by the Shokart sisters. Free of charge resources list, cutting guide and further info including where to buy the papers is here 

 Full class available here 

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